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Grinding Wheels

Tool grinding is an essential part in cost saving for toolroom applications and the manufacturing sector. Caridorn offers an array of profiled grinding wheels for every purpose and angled to suit all tool types. The general profile grouping falls in the following categories:

  • Flaring Cup Wheels
  • Recessed or Straight Cup Wheels
  • Saucer or Dish Wheels
  • Slitting Wheels
  • Straight Wheels
A = Flat Spot of Beveled Wall K = Diameter of Flat Inside
D = Diameter (overall)   M = Large Diameter of Bevel
E = Centre of Back Thickness   P = Diameter of Recess
F = Depth of Recess R = Radius
      (Type 5) T = Thickness
G = Depth of Recess   U = Width of Face
H = Abor Hole V = Angle of Bevel
J = Diameter of Flat or Small Diameter W = Thicknes of Wall

Dehulling Wheel

This is a specialized product for use in the food processing industry. The wheel surface has been formed in order to shred the outer skin (Hulls) off maize (corn), wheat, rice,seed;leaving the seed clean smooth for milling/processing into cereals and a variety of food stuffs.

The Dehulling wheel is available in one size 300 x 5 x 40

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