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Welcome to Caridorn website !

Caridorn Abrasives is a company based in Zimbabwe, is a specialist abrasive and refractory supplier and has been of service to the nation for over 50 years. Its origins date back to the 40's,when it represented Carborundum Univeral S.A (Cusa).

In the early 1980's there were further developments with the construction of a plant to manufacture Reinforced Resin Bonded discs (Grinding and Cutting Discs), Buffing Compounds and Valve Grinding Compounds. Since 1990 Caridorn has been using crushed, graded Garnet on a selection of its Coated Abrasive range of products with great success.

The locally mined Garnet & Corundum are processed in-house and the company has currently upgraded the plant to enable it to crush and grade these products or use not only in Caridorn finished products, but for ralph lauren polo shirts resale as a sand blasting media. New markets for crushed graded Garnet and Corundum has developed into a major business for Caridorn as the demand for this commodity has grown locally and in the region.

Caridorn products are widely used in all sectors of the economy namely the Food, Mining, Engineering, Timber, Foundry, Leather, Transport and Steel Fabrication industries.

Caridorn Media
Our sole mission is to provide the market with world class abrasive solution at an affordable cost.We review our processes on a regular basis as part of the ongoing value addition and creation, in an endeavor to expand our regional markets.

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Caridorn manufactures a complete range of coated abrasives.. Caridorn manufactures reinforced resin bonded depressed centre... Caridorn manufactures reinforced resin bonded cut-off discs
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