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Processing Plant

The manufacturing plant is based in Gweru and has our distinct processing sections namely Coated, Grinding, Buffing Compounds and Refractories.

The maker which produces Coated Abrasives was commissioned in July 1978, followed by the Wheel Plant in December 1984 and Crushing Plant in January 1990.

The Crushing plant produces different grit for coated, bonded and blasting media.

Materials produced are; Dry Set, Cariset, Insulating Concrete and Grinding Materials.

Cariflex: 1300                   Rammable: 1600
              1450                                    1750
              1600 Q.S
              1750 Q.S
              1750 J
              1750 C

Compounds (Buffing)

Caridorn produce our types of buffing / polishing compounds namely; PC1, PC2, PC3 AND CPC (copper polishing compound). These codes relate to the nature of application and listed below is the recommended area of use.

PC1 - for fine polishing of stainless steel, chrome plate, plastics, lacquer surfaces
           granite, semi-precious stone and other related materials.
PC2 - for coarse polish of steel and other related materials.
PC3 - for fine cutting and polish finish on non-ferrous metals and plastic
CPC - for copper, brass and bronze polishing.

Economy Floor paper (sand-it-all)

Is a coated product manufactured mainly for the wood industry which is cost effective and robust in its application. Best suited for roughing and smoothing wooden object before final polish.

Available size:
300 x 1m
300 x 50m
635 x 50m

(Customised lengths are available on request)

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